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BrushyBall is fun and innovative!

Helping kids to brush completely is now a follow-the-leader game! BrushyBall was designed with the intent to teach young brushers to brush all teeth and tooth surfaces at earlier ages by . . .

  • MOTIVATING young brushers to come to the sink
  • CAPTIVATING short attention spans for two minutes
  • TEACHING complete brushing of all teeth and tooth surfaces

BrushyBall speaks for two minutes as teeth light up sequentially in six sections to guide children through a follow-the-leader brushing game each time they brush their teeth.

BrushyBall was created by Metro-Detroit inventor Robert Malen after noticing how his four-year-old daughter struggled with the twice daily toothbrush task. “She wanted to own the whole process without my help, so I thought if she had her own little coach sitting on the sink to guide her she would develop the habit more quickly and completely.”

BrushyBall also holds toothbrushes and offers 900+ brushing sessions on two AA batteries (included).

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