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“Brush Barry Brush” is a bright, vividly illustrated self-care dental hygiene manual for young children, to motivate them to brush their teeth after eating. Filled with alliterative text about different children eating different foods who brush their teeth afterwards, “Brush Barry Brush” is an innovative appeal to children and parents to make brushing teeth after eating a fun routine. In addition to imaginative, detailed colorful illustrations that emphasize the spectacular “toothy” grin of each child after brushing after eating, “Brush Barry Brush” has a page full of brushing stickers and a weekly and daily brushing chart to use the stickers on. Children can be encouraged to begin brushing their teeth for 2 minutes after every meal by immediate use of the chart and stickers. Plus, reading the book together is fun. Hopefully, kids will decide brushing their teeth and having clean teeth is fun too. “Brush Barry Brush” is great dental hygiene education for kids and parents. Even non-readers will be able to figure out what the

message is by simply observing the illustrations!

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