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Help young children to maintain a bright and healthy smile!

Brush Barry Brush

Dental Health impacts overall health. Help your child to maintain a bright an.d healthy smile.  Encouraging children to develop a daily routine of brushing their teeth is made easier when the idea becomes fun and enjoyable.   This is the kind of colorful picture book that children will want to hear or read over and over again. They will love to use the chart and stickers to track their progress. A bright and healthy smile should be prized by families. This read aloud picture book reinforces the positive message that brushing helps a person feel and look better.

Author:  Linda Valderrama R.D.H.
Illustrated by: Sudi Memarzadeh

ISBN -13: 9780578066059     BINDING Perfect       TRIM 8.75×8.75

PAGE  COUNT 32 pages including front and back cover plus sticker sheet

PRICE $11.95 *

*Bulk discounts available
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