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Brush Barry Brush is a cute and colourful book about the importance of personal hygiene for kids. Most kids don’t like to brush their teeth. So, this book will show kids the importance of brushing their teeth after every meal, no matter how small or what they eat. The story starts with Penelope eating, and brushing her teeth. So, does Ben, Lila, Calvin, Golda, Jeremiah, Miguel, and Doreen brush after eating. But Barry is a bit different. He eats blueberries, and he forgets to brush. His teeth turn blue and won’t get cleaned up. Oh no! What will he do? I guess Barry will have to keep brushing his teeth until the blue colour brushes off from his teeth. Otherwise, I guess, his teeth will be permanently blue. I wonder what his friends will think when they see him with blue teeth? He may lose all of his friends. This book has a great message for kids. Not only is it important for kids to brush their teeth for cosmetic reasons. But it is also important for kids to brush their teeth after each meal for their overall health and well-being. Given the fact that most kids hate brushing their teeth and won’t do it without a lot of coaxing from their parents, Brush Barry Brush is a great book for all parents to open up the discussion with their kids about instilling good brushing habits. The illustrator, Sudi Memarzadeh, does a great job of vividly illustrating the story. The pictures are also very colourful and funny. Sudi does a great job of bringing home a very important message for kids.

Irene Roth
Blog Critics

eat brush

A simple, yet powerful book for the little ones.  The main message is clear:  Eat, then brush.  What I like besides that message is the fact that every child is eating something good for them (some vegetable or fruit, unless you count dark chocolate as bad).  I also like the bold color illustrations.  There’s no fear of cavities used to induce brushing; it’s all about eating healthy and cleaning your teeth after each meal.  Preschool through kindy will readily grasp the concept and have fun reading.  The stickers and chart that are included will encourage brushing, too.


5 Stars! This is a cute book with an important overall message. I think it is important for kids to get into the habit of brushing their teeth. And the author has a series of stickers that parents could use to encourage their kids to brush their teeth often. I know that my nieces and nephews will love the book because they too are like Barry in the story-they sometimes forget to brush their teeth. This is a book that will inspire kids to brush their teeth.

Irene S. Roth

Rated 3.5 out of 4 stars   North County-based dental hygienist Linda Valderrama has written a book that teaches young readers the importance of taking care of their teeth, but is so well-written (and illustrated by Sudi Memarzadeh) that young ones will never realize that they’re being taught an important lesson. The bright, primary-colored drawings will appeal to 1st and 2nd graders, and Valderrama tells the story in age-appropriate vocabulary —- reinforcing what the kids are learning in school. There are references to popular foods (to teach spelling), and a bit of a twist at the end to hold the young reader’s attention. The book is printed on heavy-stock paper, so it will withstand repeated readings, and includes stickers and a healthy eating chart in the back.

North County Times

This is a delightful and effective introduction to the wonderful world of oral hygiene for preschoolers. It won’t be long before Barry is as popular as the tooth fairy! Age appropriate and lots of fun for all. Highly recommended.

Gail Flacks
Early Childhood Educator; Solon, Ohio

Finally, a book for you and your small fry that colorfully illustrates what good dental hygiene means. Your children can see vivid portrayals of kids, just like themselves, who still can eat all the goodies then brush away trouble. Kids will want to adopt this as a favorite read, haul it with them for the daily rituals of brushing their teeth (not to mention terrific progress stickers) and maybe become one of Barry’s pals! A wholehearted thumbs-up for this little gem.

Gloria Gale
writer & food critic
KCUR 89.5 FM, Kansas City, MO

cat dog

Brush, Barry, Brush is an invaluable resource for teaching  Daily Living Skills to special needs preschoolers.  The vivid illustrations and rhythmic prose are appealing to autistic and typically developing children alike, and the daily sticker chart provides a built-in positive reinforcement system that parents will appreciate.  This short picture book packs a huge punch!

Marsha Weisel, OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapist

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