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Those Tricky Halloween Treats

by Linda Valderrama, R.D.H.

This is the season for wacky witches, ghosts and goodies, mummies and yummies! Everyone can enjoy Halloween with a few tricks to help protect your children’s teeth.

Kids enjoy the idea of collecting a bag of Halloween candy. As parents, make sure to keep the candy in your control. Kids like to sort and trade it. Eating 5 or 6 pieces at once is better than eating candy alll day long. Eat some, then put it away, each day depleting the stash. It is probably a good idea to make it “disappear” after a week (not by eating it!) Some of the candies may also be used in craft projects to make holiday decorations such as wreaths, decorated vases, gingerbread houses etc. Another alternative is to give away  some  of the candy to a school or hospital that is looking for donations of wrapped candy for the kids who are less fortunate and cannot go out for  “trick or treat”.

Sticky candies (caramels, taffy, bubblegum) are bad because they stick to teeth for a long period allowing acid to form that can break down tooth enamel. Minimize exposure to sticky types of treats and if they are eaten, try to brush afterwards.

Sour candies are popular now, but they are sour because they  are made with acidic additives. Listed in the ingredients you will usually find acids such as: lactic, ascorbic,malic,tartaric,fumaric, phosphoric, or citric acid. Teeth suffer a double whammy being exposed to one or more acids plus sugar! “Concentrated fruit juice extracts” is another code word for ingredients that can be highly acidic. A Ph between 1 and 5 softens teeth. Sour candies have a PH of 1-4. If you or your children do snack on sour or tart candy, rinse your mouth after with water and then brush.

Treats like pretzels, animal crackers, string cheese, nuts, granola bars, trail mix, fruit, applesauce cups, cherry tomatoes, fresh vegetables cut up or cut into different shapes, make good snack alternatives. Kids usually do not like foods because of their texture, so sometimes kids will eat a raw vegetable over one that is cooked or mashed.

Be creative and offer fun and appetizing alternatives to your kids. You can make sandwiches using a healthy type of bread like whole wheat or oat bran and use a cookie cutter to cut out small pieces in different shapes. You can try switching out bread and use a whole-wheat tortilla and wrap up just about anything.One idea is to use  avocado instead of mayonnaise in sandwiches.

Be sure to have your children get in the habit of rinsing and /or brushing their teeth after eating any treat. This is one of the most important things you can do to keep their smile healthy. Cultivate this ritual with positive reinforcement by rewarding and praising this good habit and introducing them to healthy, tasty snack alternatives. The kids will enjoy helping to make and create fun snacks.

Teaching a child to take proper care of their teeth and to make good food choices is no easy task, but tooth decay is mostly preventable and brushing might be one of the most important habits they will acquire. As a parent or grandparent try to limit the most destructive sweets by offering a variety of food choices. Use positive reinforcement. Use your imagination  and have some fun doing it!

  • Donna Nichols

    Linda has done such an amazing job with this book and the message for our younger (and older too!) children on the importance of brushing and brushing correctly. I hope there will be a second book on flossing… the lost art of flossing! Thank you Linda!

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